Christmas French Macarons - Boxes

Christmas French Macarons - Boxes


What is a French Macaron? A French Macaron is a delicate meringue-based cookie made from egg whites, almond flour & sugar. The shell is a bit crisp but inside they are moist & chewy. We fill ours with buttercream! We are now offering Christmas flavours!


Christmas French Macaron flavours:

  1. Turtles
  2. Cinnamon Bun
  3. Sugar Cookie
  4. Apple Cider
  5. Eggnog
  6. Nanaimo Bar


Choose from a bag of 3, box of 5, 12 or 21. 


How to identify French Macaron flavours in text box below,

If you would like x3 Turtles and x2 Eggnog, enter as:

x3 #1

x2 #5


An assorted selection will be chosen if flavours are not specified.